How To Get CIF Number Of SBM [State Bank of Mysore]?

I have lost my State Bank of Mysore passbook and I need cif number. Kindly help me to find my SBM cif number.

  1. SBM stands for State Bank of Mysore which is one of the most popular branches of State Bank group, was established in the year 1913 as The Bank of Mysore Ltd. Every SBI branch comes with a unique CIF number for each customer.

    If you are looking for an answer what is CIF number of SBM bank and how to get it online or offline i.e. passbook or cheque book then keep reading my answer to the end.

    What is CIF number in State bank of Mysore?

    CIF full form is Customer Information File. It is a unique number that is associated with the text file, which comes with all the details of the customer or account holder is mentioned.

    Every single detail like your address account balance, transaction, and credit history is mentioned in this file.

    So that in case of accessing any customer account/accounts details with a single code, CIF no. is to be used.

    This unique code also uses to activate SBI group net banking facility.

    How to Find CIF Number of SBM State Bank of Mysore bank?

    Here, I will share with you 2 method through SBM passbook and by missed call (without passbook) which can help you to get your CIF number of State Bank of Mysore account.

    Method 1: Finding Customer File Number in SBM Passbook

    The easiest way to find your STATE Bank of Mysore CIF number is by Passbook. All you have to do is to find your SBM passbook and open the first page and you will get your CIF mentioned on the first page right above your account number.

    Method 2: Get your SBM CIF number by calling customer care

    This is yet another method to know CIF number of SBM without passbook by calling to customer executives. Here are the steps to follow:

    Call State Bank of Mysore customer care on their toll-free number: 18004252244.

    Once your call connected, select the IVR option to speak with customer care executive and ask them to provide your account CIF no. They may ask you some account details like your bank account number, name, address etc. for verification.

    Just provide them with the correct answers. Once they verified, the CIF code will be provided to you immediately. So now you know how to find CIF number of SBM banks?

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