How To Know CIF Number Of SBP [State Bank Of Patiala]?

I have lost my State Bank of Patiala passbook and I need cif number. Kindly help me to find my SBP cif number.

  1. Before I start showing you, how to find CIF number of SBP bank. Let’s understand what is SBP and CIF no full form meaning in banking exactly.

    What is SBP full form meaning?

    SBP stands for State Bank of Patiala, originally named Patiala State Bank was founded in 1917, was an associate bank of the State Bank Group.

    State Bank of Patiala had a network of 1314 branches, including 1445 service outlets in biggest cities i.e. Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra.of India. It merged with State Bank of India on 01 April 2017.

    What is CIF Number (Full Form) in banking?

    CIF Number full form is Customer Information File contains 11 digits in SBI Group. It is also known as a unique numeric code that represents all contact information i.e. customer’s resident address, account balance, transaction history and credit history.

    I have written the best articles, how to find CIF number in various banks that you can read here.

    Now let’s learn how to know CIF number in State Bank of Patiala.

    How to find CIF number of SBP bank

    Though, there are many ways to get SBP CIF no. but I am sharing with you, 3 best methods to get your customer information file no.

    Method 1: Through Passbook

    You can check CIF no. on your State Bank of Patiala passbook. Once you get the passbook, open it’s the first page you can find the customer information file number right below side of your account number. Here is the screenshot of my passbook below:

    Method 2: Check through Cheque book

    Without a password, there is another way to find CIF number is SBP cheque book. You can find the code printed on the first page of cheque book along with other account information

    Method 3: Get by SBI Anywhere App

    If you want to know State Bank of Patiala CIF code online then SBI Anywhere App can help you. It’s a mobile banking app that comes with premium banking features i.e. online transfer, online shopping, mobile, and dish recharge etc. You can download SBI Anywhere App from below link

    Download App

    Follow the below steps respectively after installing the app on your mobile.

    Step 1: Open App and login with your username and password. Either you can register here too.

    Step 2: Now click on Services option.

    Step 3: Now click on Online Nomination.

    Step 4: Now select Transaction Account then Account Number.

    Now you can see your CIF number displaying with other account information.

    Method 4: Know your CIF Number of SBP by calling customer care number

    If you find, uncomfortable ways to find your CIF code of SBP then you can call the customer care executive at 18001802010. It’s a toll-free number and working 24×7 days.

    Just call on the above number and ask the customer executive to provide you CIF of your account. They might ask you your bank account details for verification.

    You can provide the correct information then immediately they will serve your CIF number.

    In this way, you can find your CIF number of SBP bank.

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