How To Find CIF Number in SBT Passbook, Net Banking & Cheque Book?

I have lost my State Bank of Travancore passbook and I need cif number. Kindly help me to find my SBT cif number.

  1. Understanding the term CIF number becomes so important in banking now. No matter in which bank you have an account, the CIF plays a major role to manage banking activities.

    Though I have written many articles list about CIF number for various banks but here I will share step by step guide, how to get CIF number of SBT account using the chequebook, online banking, passbook, and through SMS.

    What are SBT and CIF number full form and meaning?

    SBT stands for State Bank of Travancore, is a part of the State Bank group but also had private shareholders. On first it was established in Kerala.

    As per records of 31 March 2015 State Bank of Travancore had a network of 1157 branches and 1602 ATMs, covering 18 states and three union territories in India.

    On 15 February 2017, Union Cabinet send a proposal to merge State Bank of Travancore with SBI and this was approved finally on 31 March 2017.

    On the other hand CIF full form Customer Information File. It’s a digital text file contains all the personal information of the account holder.

    SBI group provides 11 digits CIF code to each customer to track the account transactions and other account details.

    So in the case of State bank of Travancore same digits will be represented. For further information, I recommend you to read our guide to learn more about CIF here.

    4 best methods to find CIF Number in SBT bank

    After in-depth research, I found 4 working methods list to search SBT CIF number using passbook, chequebook, online banking and calling to customer care.

    Method 1: Finding CIF code through SBT net banking

    Note: Make sure you have activated the online banking facility for your account. If you didn’t, kindly follow the steps for SBT net banking registration here.

    Step 1: Go to SBT online banking login page and sign in using a PC or mobile browser.

    Step 2: Under the “My Account and Profile” section click on “Account Summary” then “View Nomination and PAN Details“.

    Step 3: Here you can see your CIF Number along with your other account details. For example, you can see the below image.

    By following the above steps you can get CIF number of SBT online.

    Method 2: Search on bank passbook

    You can check CIF number on your State Bank of Travancore’s passbook. Just take your Passbook and open it.

    On the first page of it, you can see the CIF code along with an account number and IFSC code.

    Method 3: Check on State Bank cheque book

    SBT chequebook also a CIF finder. In case of CIF code not available on Passbook, you can check it on your cheque book’s first page along with other account information.

    Method 4: Get SBT CIF Number by calling and SMS

    Unfortunately, you can’t find CIF number in SBT by SMS. But another way to find it without a passbook and cheque book is to call the customer care at 18004255566.

    I hope, now you know how to find CIF number of SBT account. If you have any questions about these methods please don’t hesitate to ask through the reply box below.

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