CSS Hero vs Yellow Pencil. Which is better live CSS editing WordPress plugin?

Yellow Pencil vs CSS Hero? What are the pros and cons of CSS Hero and Yellow Pencil plugins?

Has anyone tried both that can offer a review, comparisons, strengths/weaknesses of the two?

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  1. Based on my own experience with both plugin functionality and from what I’ve read so many reviews on CSS Hero vs Yellow Pencil. I believe they are all great plugins.

    I would probably rank them:

    1. CSS Hero
    2. Yellow Pencil

    But they all will do pretty much whatever you want while doing live CSS editing on a WordPress site.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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  2. I use CSS Hero because CSS Hero is the definitive WordPress plugin to easily customize the look of my site, with its easy and intuitive point and click interface.

    Moreover, it’s fully responsive my any WordPress theme like GeneratePress, Thrive Themes, Elegant Themes, OceanWP etc.

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