How to create Hike account without mobile number?

Is creating a Hike account without phone number is possible. If so! How can I login an account on Hike app?

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    Now in this particular question, I will give you the brief information related to the Hike account creation and I will give you the answer of “is it possible to create hike account without mobile number?” or if is it possible then how to create hike account without mobile number?

    So let’s start our main topic, so before starting our main topic let me tell you one thing and it was, if you really want to know about this then please read the article carefully and then implement all the steps.

    Is Creating a Hike Account Without Phone Number is Possible?

    So let’s answer the question first, basically, this is not possible officially, because the Hike massager doesn’t support to make an account without mobile number, and that’s why we need to follow some third party steps to create a hike account.

    Steps to Create Hike Account Without Mobile Number?

    So if we talk about the third party concept then here is the step by step guide, and you just need to follow all the steps carefully to create a hike account easily without phone number.

    • So just download the “Text Now” app on your android or tablet phone.
    • Then “install” the app on your phone.
    • Now “open” the app and then click on the “Get Started” button.
    • Now the app will give you a form to “create an account on their app” so just click on the “create an account” and make an account on the “TextNow” app.
    • So when you complete your account on hike account now you just need to go on your profile where you find a number, and this is the auto-generated number for you.
    • Now you just open your hike account and then start making hike account and put the “TextNow” auto-generated number and then then you will see a second step, where hike will tell you to put the “OTP” from the number.
    • Now you just open the “TextNow” application again and where you will see an “OTP” message will appear, so just get the “OTP” number and paste it on the “Hike” OTP box and here you go, now hike will give you their final step to make a name on your account.

    So just create a “profile” name and, Congratulation now you created a hike account without any mobile number.

    Bottom Line

    So this is some easy steps to make a hike account without any number using android or tablet phone, also, if you have any iPhone then you can use the “TextNow” app for making the same hike account on your iPhone.

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    So if you like to read the full article or if you got anything helpful from this article then please do share or leave a comment below, and also, if you found anything wrong then also, so comment on the same comment box, that’s why we will fix our wrong information, thank you.

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