How to remove powered by GeneratePress in free version?

I am new to blogging and using GeneratePress free theme. How can I delete or remove powered by GeneratePress footer copyright completely?

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    So let’s get started

    My Story and Review About GeneratePress

    Choosing GeneratePress among the top WordPress themes was my best decision ever in the blogging journey.

    I had started with GeneratePress free theme in December 2018 and early January 2019, migrated to its premium version. After moving to GeneratePress Premium, I found it really value the money.

    After using it for long months, I really happy with GeneratePress features, even I have started separate blog for writing free content about GeneratePress and GP Premium.

    And how to delete powered by GeneratePress copyright footer text is also a part of general information that every blogger finds on Google.

    Hopefully, the solution is available on GeneratePress documentation and support forum but in separate pages for free and premium version users. So I have written this GeneratePress remove footer text guide for both.

    Let’s get started:

    How to Remove Powered by GeneratePress Copyright Footer Text?

    In this tutorial, I have divided this guide into two sections. The first for GeneratePress Premium users and the 2nd for free GeneratePress theme users. Let’s explore:

    Remove powered by GeneratePress (for premium users)

    If you a premium user that means you are already installed and activated GP Premium plugin on your WordPress site.

    To make changes in GeneratePress copyright footer text, follow the below steps:

    Login to your WordPress Admin Area >> Appearance >> Customizer options.
    Next, look for Layout >> Footer options. For example, see below screenshot.

    In the copyright text area, you can either delete the who text or add your own copyright information. Remember HTML and CSS codes are also allowed.

    Once you are done, hit the Publish button.

    Remove powered by GeneratePress (for GeneratePress free theme users)

    If you are using GeneratePress free version then there is no direct option to remove powered by GeneratePress copyright footer text from the customizer.

    Though you are free version users, so this is a little bit technical but easy. All you have copied the below PHP code and paste into your theme’s functions.php (if you have installed the child theme, save in that functions.php) file at the very bottom.

    add_filter( 'generate_copyright','tu_custom_copyright' );
    function tu_custom_copyright() {

    Note – Replace the text saying, “WRITE YOUR CUSTOM COPYRIGHT TEXT HERE” with your own custom text. HTML, CSS & PHP codes allowed.

    In case you want to delete GeneratePress footer text completely then paste the below code in the very bottom of functions.php file.

    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'tu_remove_footer_area' );
    function tu_remove_footer_area() {
    remove_action( 'generate_footer','generate_construct_footer' );

    Bottom Line

    No doubt, GeneratePress is a rocket solid WordPress theme among those fancy best themes available on the Internet.

    Though it’s a free version is much creative and flexible to design your blog. But believe me, if you upgrade to GP Premium, it really values the money. Here is the complete comparison between GeneratePress free vs premium version.

    Anyway, if you have already purchased GeneratePress Pro version, that’s awesome. But if still not, unlock GeneratePress discount here or read this full activation tutorial here.

    I hope, this tutorial has covered everything to learn, how to remove powered by GeneratePress in free and premium version theme.

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  2. The process of removing copyright text from GeneratePress theme is too easy. All you need to follow the below guide step by step.

    How to remove powered by GeneratePress in free and premium version?

    Let’s remove powered by GeneratePress copyright Line in the footer section of free and premium GeneratePress WordPress Theme.

    Remove powered by GeneratePress copyright by adding a plugin

    • Go to Plugins > Add New
    • Search Real-Time Find and Replace Plugin.
    • Install and Activate it.
    • Go to your website (Frontend) > Right Click > View Page Source (Ctrl + U)
    • Find the copyright line and copy it.
    • Go to Tools > Real-Time Find and Replace
    • Click on Add.
    • Paste the copyright line in Find Box and Change the copyright in Replace with Box.
    • Click Update Settings.
    • Now the copyright is replaced.

    Change GeneratePress footer text in free theme

    • Go to Plugins > Add New
    • Search Code Snippets Plugin.
    • Install and Activate the Plugin.
    • Go to Snippets > Add New
    • Name the Snippet.
    • Copy and Paste the following code.
    • Change the Copyright Text.
    • Activate the Snippet.
    • Check the copyright bar on the footer section of the website.

    function qmouz_footer_creds_text () {
    $copyright = ‘<div class=”creds”><p>Copyright © ‘ . date(‘Y’) . ‘ · <a href=””>Qmouz</a> – All Rights Reserved</p></div>’;
    return $copyright;
    add_filter( ‘generate_copyright’, ‘qmouz_footer_creds_text’ );

    Removing GeneratePress copyright text in with GP Premium

    • Go to Appearance > GeneratePress
    • Activate the Copyright Module.
    • Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout > Footer
    • Edit and Add Copyright Text.
    • Hit Publish Button.

    I hope my answer has helped you to remove Powered by GeneratePress in the free and Premium version of GP Theme.

    If this was useful, please upvote my answer.

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