How To Fix Showing Invalid CIF Number In SBI Bank Account?

My CIF number is showing invalid? How do I find the correct code?

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  2. Sometimes you got a message showing invalid CIF number. Kindly enter the valid CIF number which was given by branch in case of activating SBI net banking online. Why this message appears and how to resolve it, that is I will show in this answer.

    But before we get into deep to fix SBI showing invalid CIF number, let’s take a quick introduction about what is CIF full form meaning in banking.

    What is SBI CIF number?

    CIF number stands for Customer Information File. It is an important text file in SBI core banking system. This unique code stores KYC details about each customer like account balance, address, email ID, mobile number, Debit/Credit card information etc.

    SBI CIF code is also used for transfer account from one to another State bank branch. You can read more about CIF code here.

    How to solve, “Showing invalid CIF number in SBI”?

    Though, I have written proven methods to find SBI CIF number onlineoffline and without net banking. Even in that case, you find your CIF code invalid, then follow below instructions:

    Visit your State Bank branch along with identity documents and Passbook.

    Contact to bank customer executive to check your CIF code attached with your account no.

    They will ask for your Passbook and ID proof to confirm your identity just for security. Just serve them the documents you bring with.

    Once they verified your identification, will proceed to check your CIF number. If they found any issue, will fix it and inform you instantly.

    So like this way you can fix showing CIF number in SBI account. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask me via reply section.

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