What is the latest The Hindu ePaper promo code 2020?

I am planning to buy The Hindu Epaper subscription. Is there any coupon code active right now for the month of October 2020?

  1. The Hindu ePaper promo code 2020 – Activate 5 years subscription offer to get a 66% discount.

    The Hindu Newspaper is one biggest helping hand for those UPSC & IAS students who are preparing for competitive exams.

    Exclusive Student Offer! Grab The Hindu ePaper subscription for 5 years at a 66% discount

    The Hindu Epaper subscription has been never cheaper than now. Grab a premium subscription offer of The Hindu Newspaper and get 53% off on annual plan & 66% discount on purchasing for 5 years.

    How to redeem The Hindu ePaper promo code 2020 for maximum discount?

    To make use of The Hindu subscription coupon code for the highest savings follow the respective steps listed below:

    Step 1: Click on this special link (coupon code added) to visit The Hindu ePaper subscription offer page.

    Step 2: Choose 5 years subscription plan named Supreme under I-Plans section. (Choosing the 5 years tenure plan will save flat 66% your money instead of buying an annual subscription).

    Step 3: Enter your Email ID, Mobile Number and State Name then click on Pay Now button.

    Step 4: Now you will be redirected to Payment Page. Choose the prefered method (among Paytm, Bhim UPI  Net Banking Debit/Credit Card or EMI) to pay the bill for The Hindu newspaper subscription and complete the Purchase.

    Congratulations, you have successfully claimed The Hindu ePaper promo code and earned 66% discount on premium subscription.

    How to download The Hindu ePaper for free?

    Downloading The Hindu ePaper PDF freely is quite easy but different for computer and mobile users and we will learn both methods. Let’s get started:

    The Hindu newspaper downloading guide for Computer/Laptop users

    1. Visit https://epaper.thehindu.com and login with your email and password. Either you can use your Google account for automatic sign in. But make sure, you are already logged into the same Google account, used for The Hindu subscription.

    2. After logged in, you can see The Hindu Chennai ePaper is displaying on the screen.

    3. Click on Cloud Icon (with double down arrows) to download the respective PDF into your computer.

    In a few seconds (depending on your internet speed) The Hindu ePaper PDF will be downloaded into your computer.

    In order to change The Hindu ePaper editions, click on Menu icon >> Change Edition and follow above steps respectively to download The Hindu PDF.

    The Hindu newspaper downloading guide for mobile users

    1. First of all, visit https://epaper.thehindu.com offer page and login with your email & password or use Google account for instant login.

    2. Once logged in, The Hindu Chennai ePaper edition will be displayed on your mobile screen.

    3. Click on 3 lines Menu icon and hit the Download Edition link.

    That’s it, your PDF file will be saved into your mobile storage without a few moments. For downloading other editions from The Hindu ePaper tap to Menu icon >> Change Edition >> Select the edition, you want to download and follow above steps again.

    FAQ about The Hindu Newspaper promo code 2020

    1. Why should I buy a premium subscription if I can download it free from the internet?

    Ans: I admit, there are hundreds of websites uploading links to download The Hindu ePaper PDF free 99.9% serving only Delhi edition and rest of editions such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Madurai, Coimbatore etc. you can’t download without The Hindu premium subscription.

    2. Should I go with The Hindu annual subscription or 5 years?

    Ans: It totally depends on your needs. If you ask me then, I would suggest you go with 5 years subscription as you will get 66% discount using our promo code mentioned above. On the other side, if you buy an annual subscription then the discount will be dropped to 53%.

    3. When The Hindu ePaper promo code will be expired?

    Ans: It is a limited time subscription offer. So I suggest you grab our The Hindu newspaper subscription coupon code as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be charged Rs.11940 for 5 years and Rs.2388 for an annual subscription.

    Final thoughts about The Hindu newspaper subscription coupon code

    The Hindu is like a Bible for UPSC & IAS students. So if you are an IAS aspirant and preparing for competitive exams then invest some money to improve your knowledge with The Hindu newspaper subscription.

    Otherwise, you will miss a lot of knowledgeable things in the rest of The Hindu editions, which you can’t download from the internet without a premium subscription.

    So, did you grab The Hindu ePaper promo code 2020 or not or going to download free from the internet? Please share your thoughts in the comments. For more offers visit our coupons page.

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  2. Are you looking for The Hindu epaper promo code 2020 to subscribe ePaper at a discount price?

    Well here, I will be sharing an exclusive promotional code for Black Friday readers to claim up to 66% discount on The Hindu premium subscription.

    About The Hindu Newspaper ePaper

    The Hindu is one of the oldest English Newspaper in India, was started by G. Subramania Iyer on 20 September 1878. Now it is officially owned by The Hindu Group and Kasturi and Sons Ltd. in Chennai.

    According to January – June 2017 statistics, The Hindu publishing 1,216,118 newspaper copies daily, which make us think how popular is this newspaper.

    From last few years, the demand of The Hindu ePaper is rising up instead of local newspapers. The reason behind its easy save ePaper in PDF format in mobile or PC devices.

    But unfortunately, The Hindu Newspaper ePaper subscription is premium, means you have to pay money for downloading newspaper into your smartphone. These subscription charges start from Rs.10 per day to Rs.1000/yearly.

    So if you are interested to buy The Hindu newspaper ePaper subscription then below promotional code will help you to save money.

    How to claim The Hindu subscription coupon code for maximum discount?

    1. First of all, click here to visit The Hindu website. (Coupon code added into the link).

    2. Now head over to I-Plans section and choose Supreme 5 years subscription.

    3. Enter your Email IDMobile Number and State Name and click on Pay Now.

    Make payment! That’s it, you have successfully claimed The Hindu Newspaper 66% discount.

    Note:- You can also register with your Google account to claim newspaper discount.

    Now you can log in to your The Hindu account and start browsing and downloading ePaper PDF for next 5 years free of cost.

    Button Lines

    The Hindu ePaper is one of the best newspaper for UPSC & IAS students to improve general knowledge and vocabulary.

    I personally, read it regularly and found my English become more frequent than before. You should try it too, Goodluck

    Did our The Hindu subscription coupon code work for you or not? Kindly let me know via reply button.

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